Campaign Teams

Campaign Teams

Do you want to see Berlin become a proper Bicycle-City within the next years? Then take a minute, promote our Facebook-Page among your friends and follow us on Twitter! You want to do even more? Come and join our team at the Volksentscheid Fahrrad! We are a nice group of people with a positive attitude – and we are excited to meet you with your ideas and abilities! You can choose freely when, how often and how long you want to participate and support us.

Radwerkstatt – Workshop

You’re welcome to join us at our bimonthly workshop – we’re always happy seeing new faces! It takes place every second Thursday at the TU Berlin from 7 – 10pm. Dates and directions can be found here. At the meeting we get together, share the latest news and work in three modules of 25min each on specific topics in the course of the night. Bigger issues are addressed directly in the Plenum in order to make sure that every voice is heard. Many of the working groups described below are meeting during these workshops: especially if you’re new, this is a great way to get to know each other and see where to help.

Graphics / Pictures / Illustration

You basically think in colours and shapes? You’re good at taking photographs? You’re aware of the importance illustrating political ideas – and you have some ideas in mind how to tackle this challenge? We have a team of graphic designers and photographers who would be very happy about your assistance. At the moment, we’re especially looking for further photographers who can support us to capture the moments from different Radentscheid-Campaigns. Sounds good? Write to:

Film / Video

You’re part of the filmmaker universe and have ideas how the different aspects of cycling (respectively our goals) can be illustrated best? You have the ideas or skills to create a advertising film for our planned crowdfunding campaing? At the moment, the video team is looking for support from producers and people who know how to edit videos. If you feel like that might be you, please message us at:

Social Media

Social Media is your thing? You’re a Snapchat-Addict and Instagram’s your second home? You’ve worked with Social Media in a corporation, NGO, for your band – or you’re simply a private Social Media enthusiast? Especially if you’re fond of the little blue bird, you’re the one: at the moment, we particularly need support for our Twitter-communication. Also, if you’d like to do Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, write to:

Authors, Copywriters, Journalists and Editors

You’re good at writing and you have the gift of explaining complicated matters with very few words? You’re talented with languages and you like to write texts about various subjects for different target groups? At times, you like to act out on your controlling vein and improve the texts written by others by eradicating the spelling mistakes and comma faults? If you nodded your head at least once, feel welcome to join our editorial team! Currently we’re looking for authors for our website who already have some publishing experience and who want to bring in their own ideas, or work on existing ones. You have a blog or are a journalist? Our editorial team will be happy about your message at:

IT, Admin, Website

You’re already familiar with our website since you’ve found your way here, obviously. Step by step, we will transform it into a knowledge database for our referendum and Berlin’s bicycle politics. Furthermore, we want to add nice tools and data visualisations in order to make the subject more interactive. The faster you join the movement, the quicker there will be results:

Eventmanagement and Organisation

Your organisational skills are exceptional, you’re pragmatic and focused? You want to help preparing our events and you might even be doing that professionally already? Our organizing team needs people like you for campaigns, conferences and meetings:

Arguments and Facts

(Big) data is your thing. You’re in love with Google and very attached to Excel, you like to research online and you’re more than familiar with the Radblogger-sources? All information we need is out there, it just needs to be found and extracted. While your latest findings are being made pretty by our graphic designers and handled by our social media team, you’re already on the hunt for new arguments that will silence our adversaries. Sounds like you? Write to:

Fundraising / Financing

You like numbers. Especially so, when they’re black? Perfect! A referendum like ours costs money, and we definitely need people who do the bookkeeping and organising of our finances properly. Our Finance-Team will be happy about your message:

Writing the law

You’re a lawyer or you think like one? You can read the law, between its lines, and you might even be able to help us write the law we’re working on? Our Law-Team is happy to get your mail at:

Looking for rooms

We’re constantly on the hunt for locations where we can hold smaller and bigger meetings (hosting between 20 and 100 people). Do you have a good location in mind, or do you know someone who could be of help providing rooms for little money, or even for free? Message us at, we’re happy about every hint!


You don’t have the time to support us in person, but still want to take part in our movement? As much as we’d like to see your face – we’re happy about monetary donations, too. Click here to make a donation.


You can think of something that we haven’t thought of yet? Your grandma is the best at knitting the warmest socks for our team when we collect signatures in winter? You’re incredibly famous and want to show your face for a good cause (namely, our cause!)? You have an old printing press in your cellar and you’re motivated to print our next campaign’s flyers? You want to organise a party? Make our day by sharing your ambitions and abilities at:

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