The financial association Lebenswerte Stadt e.V.

105.425 inhabitants of Berlin indicated they are supporting our initiative. Thereby they have shown the politicians that they demand safer and more relaxed cycling in Berlin. Our Volksentscheid Fahrrad is organised internally by volunteers and some donations. To increase the effectiveness of our initiative a financial non-profit organization has been established, to take care of financial matters. Therefore, the Verein Netzwerk Lebenswerte Stadt eV is the association which forms the financial basis behind our initiative.

The goal of this association is to promote democracy and support education, science and research. We are pursuing our goal by fostering public participation, supporting people, groups and initiatives, campaigning and stimulating exchange of knowledge and skills between people. The entire description of our goal can be read in our official statutes.

Our initiative needs money to work. This money is coming from members, supporters, other associations, companies or public funding. The association is responsible for collecting donations and membership fees, and thereby is responsible for the financial accounting. The association consists of 12 official members and an unlimited number of support members. Five official members have been elected: Hille Bekic, Peter Feldkamp, Michael Schulte, Christine Schröter and Heinrich Strößenreuther. The association does not interfere with the content work done in the initiative itself. This is organised within working groups, bottom-up and focussed on consensus.

We would be very grateful if you are willing to support our initiative financially. Without your donations we are not able to support our working groups and actions. Your donations are tax deductible. With a monthly donation you become a support member of the Netzwerk Lebenswerte Stadt e.V. automatically. There is no need for additional forms or papers. However, if you want to have it officially on paper, you can download the membership form and send it to us by mail.

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